Website for a Start-Up or Small Business?

So, you just started out or you have a small business, or even a 1-person operated business – do you still need a website?

Yes you do. Why?



Can you sell your products and/or services on the Internet?  It may not necessarily be an E-Commerce site, but if a prospect/investor simply wants to know more about your company before using your services or visiting your office, you can be found can be contacted for enquiries.


Even if you are a small business, you should at least have web presence so that Clients, potential Employees, Business Partners, and possible  Investors can get more information about the company, products and services you offer.


Be an Edge Above the Competition – Create a Big Image for your Small Operation

On Level Ground:

You may be a new startup, or small business but when it comes to websites, remember that your big competitors and you are on level ground.

Big Company, Poor Image:

Have you wanted to check up on a product or service offered by an established company, only surprised to see that they have a poorly designed site which looked like it was done by a student?  What were your thoughts then?  It may cause people to wonder if their products and services were also going to be up to standard and credible or if the company was “doing well”?

Small Company, Big Image:

Use your website as an edge above your competition because you can be that small business or start-up that looks better and more “current” than an “older” competitor.  You wouldn’t want your potential Clients to think that you can’t even afford a professional website.  Your website need not be complicated.  A simple site may suffice.

You only have the first few seconds to create a great impression and your professionally designed site can project a “big image” for your “small operation”.’

Always remember, your website doesn’t “Cost” you money, investing in it “Earns” you money.  Better still if your website can be an income generating avenue while you sleep.

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